The Jet Setter Adventure

Congratulations! You have been matched to the Jet Setter Adventure!!!

About Your Adventure

Our Jet Setter Adventure is not for the faint of heart.  It’s not your normal scavenger hunt. This adventure requires specific timing of certain events.  This means, you will have to arrive places on a planned schedule.  No lolly gagging around!

What could the Jet Setter Adventure Entail?

Backpacking Trips

Need to properly pack a backpack.

Family Hiking Trips

Need comfortable shoes for a hike.

Water Sports

It could get wet.

Winter Sports

It could be cold.

Night Life

Will there be City lights, fine dining or perhaps a show.

See The Sky

How High Will You Go?

Instructions and Warnings

It is Winter!! It Will Be Cold when Outside!

Lets Get Started

To Complete your first task you need a clue.  Do you have a clue?  You should!  The dogs do, so why don’t you?